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Founder's Vision

Founder's Vision

As a wife and mother of 5, I care deeply about self-help, helping my family and helping others. 

I’ve devoted time to learning, in depth, about essential oils and getting certified to fully understand about the various different oils there are. 

The best use of essential oils, those that are for topical use only and those that are safe for consumption and diffusing.

Learning and understanding how to properly mix and blend oils to achieve the best possible results to treat, relieve and heal most ailments. 

Out of necessity, I created proprietary blends of essentials oils to provide long-term relief for my daughter’s eczema and for my own bouts with lower back pain.

H.E. Founder
Certified Aromatherapist
Many of the prescribed medications did not work for my daughter; some contained steroids (good for inflammation but not so good for the body overall), this made her more susceptible to getting sick, and she did, as steroids weakens the immune system; her skin was becoming rough, was constantly irritated and areas of her skin where the eczema was, began to get darker from her scratching it.  I needed something that would stop the irritation, moisturize and heal the rough darkened skin and rejuvenate it; hence the creation of the NU SKIN Oil; mission accomplished!


I want to empower people to be able to heal themselves from injuries, aches and pain so they can power through life;
despite its ups and downs, bumps and bruises, to know what can be done to revitalize the body, calm the nerves,
stimulate muscles and senses; to help us feel better, so we can do more and live well.

Given the chance, I’m positive my Howe Essentials brand of organic essential oil based products can be a go-to source
of helpful, natural healing and wellness. 

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