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Before It Was Trendy

The rise of plant-based ingredients in personal care products continues to grow to meet consumer demands; as more and more people search for greener alternatives to harsh chemicals and side affects with prescription drugs; we saw organic essential oils as a viable, safe and effective alternative. With that, we know there have been multilevel marketing (MLM) giants that hire untrained “wellness advocates” and some mega brands that use synthetic oils in their products without disclosing such information to consumers; as a result, many people who have tried essential oils in the past, have had less than stellar experiences using essential oil derived products.

We’re different; we use only 100% organic, distilled essential oils, from certified organic manufacturers; so while it costs us more to purchase the oils we use, we know doing so ensures our customers get high quality essential oils without added synthetics of any kind.

No Mystery Here

Cultures from around the world have used essential oils to heal and protect health and promote wellness for centuries.

Aromatherapy in practice, are diluted oils that can be applied to the skin, smelled, dabbed on a pillow or in a bath, or heated so that their aroma is dispersed into the air. Manufacturers of essential oils we use, use a distillation extraction from plants process; this allows for better separation and a higher concentration of potency from the flowers, plants and roots to be available for use.

Why Howe Essentials Exists

A Familiar Love Story

As a wife and mother of 5, I care deeply about self-help, helping my family and helping others.

I’ve devoted time to learning, in depth, about essential oils and got certified in aromatherapy so I could have a better understanding about the various types of oils, there use and how to mix and apply them.

There are essential oils for topical use only and/or diffusing and those that are safe for consumption. Learning and understanding how to properly mix and blend oils to achieve the best possible results to get relief and healing was my goal for wanting to get certified.

Out of necessity, I created proprietary blends of essentials oils to provide noticeable relief for my daughter’s eczema initially and then worked on making an effective, fast-acting relief blended mix for my own bouts with lower back and neck pain. This was the creation of AJM (Arthritis, Joint and Muscle) pain relief oil.

Many of the prescribed medications for my daughter's eczema did not work; some contained steroids (good for inflammation but not so good for the body overall), this made her more susceptible to getting sick, and she did, as steroids weakens the immune system; her skin was becoming rough, was constantly irritated and areas of her skin where the eczema was, began to get darker from her scratching it. I needed something that would stop the irritation, moisturize and heal the rough darkened skin and rejuvenate it; hence the creation of the NU SKIN Oil; mission accomplished!

I want to empower people to be able to heal themselves from injuries, aches and pain so they can be active when they want; they're plenty of life moments that knock us down, hand us bumps and bruises. I want to be a contributor to our recuperation and getting well process by sharing information and offering solutions that revitalize the body, calm the nerves, stimulate muscles and senses; to help us feel better sooner, so we can get back to what we like/love doing as often as time permits.

Given the chance, I’m positive my Howe Essentials brand of organic essential oil-based products can be a go-to source of helpful, natural healing and wellness.