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The rise of plant-based ingredients in personal care products continues to grow to meet consumer demands; as more and more people search for greener alternatives to harsh chemicals and prescription drugs we saw organic essential oils as a viable, safe and effective alternative.

With that, we know there have been multilevel marketing (MLM) giants that hire untrained “wellness advocates” as well as some mega brands that use synthetic imitation oils in their products without disclosing such information to consumers; as a result, many have had less than stellar experiences using essential oil derived products.

We’re different; we use only 100% organic, distilled essential oils, from USDA and certified organic manufacturers; so while it costs us more to secure the oils we use, we know doing so enables us to bring effective, high quality products to consumers.

The Essential Difference

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Cultures from around the world have used essential oils to heal and protect health and promote wellness for centuries.

Essential oils, typically fragrant ones, are extracted from the roots, flowers, leaves, or seeds of plants using steam or applied pressure. The “essential” refers to the fact that the oil contains the “essence” of the plant (i.e. the natural properties that provide a distinct odor or flavor).  

Aromatherapy in practice, are diluted oils that can be applied to the skin, smelled, dabbed on a pillow or in a bath, or heated so that their aroma is dispersed into the air.

Manufacturers of essential oils we use, use a distillation extraction from plants process; this allows for better separation and a higher concentration of potency from the properties taken from flowers and plants to be  available for use.

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My son had eczema really bad. A friend recommended this product to me and omg ❤❤❤.
The change has been nothing short of amazing and I am so grateful I found it.


Great natural products - you will not be disappointed!


I do a lot of gardening and use the AJM on my shoulders and hands. It has been working quite well for me.
This was a good find, happy I gave it a try. Definitely recommend


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