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The Essential Difference

Cultures from around the world, including ancient civilizations, have used essential oils to heal and protect health for centuries, in fact, millennia would be far more accurate!Essential oils are distilled from nature (like leaves, flowers, etc) and their aromas have a variety of beneficial properties like relieving aches and pains, boosting energy levels, helping digestion, balancing hormones and fighting off germs and bacteria.Manufacturers of the essential oils we use in our products use a distillation extraction from plants process; this allows for better separation and a higher concentration of potency from the properties taken from flowers and plants to be  available for use. 

Only The Best

The rise of plant-based properties in personal care has become significant due to people searching for greener alternatives to synthetic cosmetics and prescription drugs.

With that, we know there have been multilevel marketing (MLM) giants that hire untrained “wellness advocates” as well as some megabrands that use synthetic imitation oils in their products without disclosing such information to consumers; as a result, many have had less than stellar experiences using essential oil derived products.

We’re making the difference with our brand compared to other brands out there known; we use only 100% organic, disstilled essential oils, from  USDA certified manufacturers.

H.E. Core Essential Oils
“Research strongly suggests that bacteria don’t develop resistance to essential oils the way they do to antibiotics."
Robert Tisserand
Founder of the Tisserand Institute and
Author of widely cited textbook “Essential Oil Safety”

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