Healing Skin Oil


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We created a proprietary blend of natural organic essential oils that specifically treats and heals eczema and dry skin.

The HEALING SKIN OIL is meant to be used as a year-round skin moisturizer; it’s safe for use on the entire body while specific ingredients of the blend treat and heal those areas on the body where eczema and/or dry skin are present; of-course you can spray on the affected areas directly.

Our spray on bottle makes applying easy and less time consuming; the blended organic oils penetrate deep into the skin to effectively soften, rejuvenate and relieve eczema, dry skin and their associated symptoms; we suggest continuing with the regime even after eczema and/or dry skin has improved to ensure sustained clear and healthy-looking skin.

An added benefit to using HEALING SKIN OIL is that the chosen essential oils all have multiple properties about them that provide additional secondary benefits like helping to minimize wrinkles and stretch marks and lessening cellulite.

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