Essential Oils for
Digestive Health

by Tanya Howe

All right, guys. Let’s talk about essential oils for improving your digestive tract. Now, one thing you may have recognized about me at this point is that I am big on digestive health. And as Hippocrates said over 2,000 years ago, “All disease begins in the gut.”


Okay? And so no matter what you’re struggling with, improving your digestion is essential to your overall health. You’ve heard the principle, “You are what you eat.” It’s not completely true. You are what you digest. If you’re not digesting and absorbing and assimilating the nutrients you’re consuming properly, then you’re going to have some issues.


Now, I want to mention this before I jump into essential oils. There are other key factors in your digestive health. Again, diet is critical, so staying away from inflammatory foods, adding in gut healing foods is important. Also, a quality probiotic supplement is highly recommended. I highly recommend taking probiotics. But in addition to that, there are some essential oils with clinical studies that have proven to be highly beneficial for your digestive tract, and the three oils I want to talk about are fennel, peppermint and ginger.


Now, fennel oil is very beneficial because it’s been shown to help with nutrient absorption and really cooling off your digestive tract. So, again, fennel oil is one of the best essential oils you want to be using on a regular basis for cooling your digestive tract. It has many of the benefits; If you’ve heard about the benefits of licorice root extract, it works directly on the stomach area of digestion. So your stomach, and in order for you to digest food properly, the pH of your stomach and the amount of acid your stomach produces is crucial for digestion. So again, fennel oil works directly on really helping soothe and calm the esophagus as well as your stomach lining.


Now, probably the most important and most commonly used essential oil for digestion is peppermint oil. You know, peppermint oil has cooling benefits, and if you look in medical journals today, peppermint oil has been shown to help with IBS, that’s irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease as well as even other issues such as stomach cramps and nausea.


I know I went on a mission trip years ago to Ethiopia, and we went to an area called the dumps and the area just did not smell good at all, and everyone there was highly nauseous. But what we did was we took a few drops of peppermint oil along with ginger oil and lavender oil, rubbed it on our neck and it really helped in calming our digestive tract.


So, if you have any nausea, those are very, very good oils to use, but especially the peppermint. And again, any sort of inflammatory bowel disease, according to the medical journals, peppermint oil is great. Of course, there’s aching, upset stomach, cramping, bloating, gas, peppermint oil is one of the best. What I do is just do a single drop in water and drink it down, or you can take it, mix it with coconut oil; five drops of peppermint, one teaspoon of coconut oil and rub it on the area whether you or your child is having that sort of health issue.


And then last but not least is ginger essential oil. You know, ginger oil is one of the most anti-inflammatory oils in the world because it contains the compound that’s called gingerol, which acts directly on your cells and your immune system to reduce inflammation. So again, ginger oil is absolutely amazing for that reason. Similar thing, I like to put a single drop, even in my food. You know, a lot of people use ginger powder, but I use ginger oil in smoothies. I’ll do like a apple-ginger smoothie for breakfast. It’s good that way, or you can use it topically. But the way I use ginger oil the most is by

diffusing it in the air with my diffuser or even just smelling it, and it naturally helps reduce inflammation.


That’s the incredible thing about essential oils, they’re so small, but again by simply smelling them, it’s getting into your system and your cells. So again, if you want to improve your overall digestion, fennel oil, peppermint oil and ginger oil are the top three oils you should start using now.