How to Use Essential Oils

How To Use Essential Oils: A Guide For Beginners by Tanya Howe Essential oils are therapeutic grade oils extracted from various botanicals, like plants. Essential oils have been used for therapeutic reasons for thousands of years. They offer many benefits, each dependent on the plant they are derived from. So, you’ve heard about the many […]

5 Uses for Rose Essential Oil

5 Uses for Rose Essential Oil by Tanya Howe Rose essential oil is known for its rich scent as well as its many therapeutic uses. Distilled from the petals of one of the most recognizable and valuable flowers on the planet, rose essential oil is a true prize to have in your essential oil arsenal. […]

Essential Oils for Digestive Health

Essential Oils for Digestive Health by Tanya Howe All right, guys. Let’s talk about essential oils for improving your digestive tract. Now, one thing you may have recognized about me at this point is that I am big on digestive health. And as Hippocrates said over 2,000 years ago, “All disease begins in the gut.” […]

Anti Viral Essential Oils

Antiseptic and Anti Viral Essential Oils by Tanya Howe When most people think of essential oils they think of aroma therapy, but when you think of how many plants there are and what properties they have, it makes a lot of sense that some essential oils do more than just smell good. Some essential oils […]

Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Essential Oils…Relieve Stress and Anxiety A Quick and Easy You Can  Decompress  from the Stress and Anxiety of our Day-to-day Routines  by Tanya Howe Essential oils – concentrated oils extracted from plants – are a pretty big conversation topic right now in just about every field that touches on human health and wellness. From food packaging and preparation […]

Treat Your Headaches with Essential Oils

Treat Headaches with Essential Oils by Tanya Howe Headaches happen for multiple reasons. From stress to hormonal surges to allergies to dehydration to low blood sugar, headaches can make an appearance when we least expect it. Identifying a safe and effective way to treat a headache can seem out of reach.  Some of us are […]